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Corporate Health Systems (CHS) is now OneDigital 
This past May Corporate Health Systems was acquired by OneDigital Health and Benefits to become the Minneapolis branch for the organization.  This acquisition will provide a positive impact to the district and will have no disruption on the current services CHS is providing Brooklyn Center Community Schools.  While certain components of their service will reflect OneDigital the re-branding transition for the administrative functions they provide will take place in the summer of 2017.  

Corporate Health Systems (CHS)
Corporate Health Systems was established in 1987 as a benefits consulting firm to partner with clients to find the most flexible and comprehensive benefits packages for their investment.  They are a single-source benefits administration resource for small and mid-sized businesses, school systems and organizations.  For more information, please visit their website

 If you participate in the HRA benefits plan, flexible spending, or dependent care you will need the follow forms in order to submit reimbursements: 


Contact Information

OneDigital/CHS benefits administration team has been restructured into three focused teams - Reimbursement, Eligibility, and COBRA/Retiree.

Contact for reimbursement questions is: 



Claims should be sent to:

            PlanSource Address:


                        c/o Reimbursement Team

                        701 Xenia Ave S, #150

                        Minneapolis, MN 55416

            FAX: (407) 386-8937


Contact for questions regarding active medical, dental, vision, and/or life insurance questions is:

Tammy Knapp


Contact for COBRA/Retiree questions is: 
952-939-0911, then press 2
COBRA/Retiree Fax 1-844-893-9075


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