HR Payroll Forms & Information

  • Conference/Workshop Request Form    
    This form should be used by any employee requesting to attend an out-of-district conference/workshop.  This form must be submitted 7 days prior to the conference/workshop date and you must have your Supervisor and Superintendent approval before attending and/or traveling. 
Employees who are injured at work should complete this form and report their injury to HR or the health office on the day of the injury. Employees who may need first aid should go to the health office. MN Workers' Compensation Employee Information Sheet (English) (Spanish).  
  • This form should be by hourly staff to request overtime or compensatory time. 

  • Payroll Issue Report Form 
    This form should be used to report any issue or concern you have with your payroll. By completing this form you are helping us identify areas for improvement.
  • Teacher Forms (Credit Pre-Approval, Master's Pre-Approval, Request for Educational Lane Advancement, Tuition Reimbursement)
  • Time Clock Correction Form
    This form is no longer needed and has been removed from the website.  Please use Skyward Employee Access if you need to edit your time.
Complete IRS Form W-4 to determine how much federal income tax should be deducted from a paycheck.
  • W-4MN
    Minnesota Revenue Form W-4MN 
Supervisor Forms
  • Personnel Action Form (PAF)
    Supervisor should use this form when making a request to HR to make an offer to a candidate or when adding or making a change to an assignment for a current employee.
  • Request to Post Form
    Supervisors should use the requisition process within Applitrack when making a request to HR to post a position.  Please contact Tiffany for more information. 

For a list of HR Staff contact information and areas of responsibility, click here.