Payroll is a service-oriented department. Our goal is to assist employees and administrative departments to process payroll information, answer inquiries, and resolve problems. Besides issuing semi-monthly payroll checks, the payroll department performs the following functions:
  • Calculates monthly compensation in accordance with Federal, State and District regulations. We currently have eight distinct employee groups.
  • Processes and maintains detailed records on various types of employees. In many cases, this involves multiple rates of compensation and financial accounts.
  • Reports wages/hours to various state and federal agencies such as the Department of Labor, PERA, TRA, etc...
  • Calculates and withholds payments for multiple types of voluntary and mandatory deductions from employee paychecks.
  • Employment verification requests. 
403(b)457(b) Plan Transaction Processing Kit
Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)
Teachers Retirement Association (TRA)


For questions regarding payroll please contact:
Kathleen Heider - Payroll Manager
Office: 763-450-3386 X1302   Fax: 763-560-2647
Marit Nordstrom - Payroll Specialist 
Office: 763-450-3386 X1303  Fax: 763-560-2647