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Skyward - Employee Access Requesting Leave

Viewing and Requesting Leave Time:

Within Employee Access you can view and request time off balances.

  1. Log into your Skyward Employee Access.
  2. Select Time Off Days.
  3. Select the plus sign on the right side of the screen Add Time Off Transaction to add your request.
Screen shot to add time off
  1. Select Employee Time off Types
  2. Select a Time Off Reason
  3. Transaction Type Code (NOTE: Used will be the only option)
  4. Choose Single Day or Date Range
  5. Enter a Start Date
  6. Enter hours you will be gone (NOTE: the Amount will default from the Assignment Hours Per Day)
  7. Description (only necessary when using a sick day)
  8. Start Time/End Time (optional, used for taking off a portion of the day)
  9. Select Save & Add Another, if you have more Time Off Transactions to enter
  10. Select Save, if this is the only Time Off Transaction you need to enter. Selecting Save will also submit your Time Off Transaction for Approval.
Screen shot of directions to enter time
Select Cancel, if you no longer need to enter this Time Off Transaction
If you are an hourly employee, time off transaction need to be submitted and approved before you can log your weekly time.