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Skyward - Employee Access Time Tracking

Employee Access

Employee Access is your one stop shop where you are able to see all of your pay information - Including hours, pay amounts, deductions and contributions. You have the ability to view and print your information from any computer, anywhere, anytime. 


Skyward Employee Access


Time Tracking

Time tracking  is the new time keeping system by Skyward. This is an online time card for hourly employees and some additional time for some contracted employees.


Clock in and out

You will need to clock in and out each day as well as document your lunch each day. Please review your employment contract to identify when it is necessary to take a lunch.

  1. Log into your Skyward Employee Access.
  2. Select change status form the skywards home page.
  3. Select the large icon on the page that indicates IN
  4. If your contract requires you to take a lunch please make sure that you select lunch at the beginning of your meal period and log back in at the end of your lunch and select the IN icon.
  5. At the end of your day select the OUT icon.
Screen shot of clock and checkmarks


If you forgot to clock in and out at any time during the day, or if you forgot to clock in and out for a full day with our new Skyward system you can make changes yourself!

  1. Log into your Skyward Employee Access.
  2. Select Change Status.
  3. Select the time transaction date by using the arrows in the middle of the page.
  4. Select edit and enter the missing data for that day as well as a comment in the comment section indicating why you missed clocking in and out.
  5. Save your transaction.
Screen shot of timeclock history

How to submit your time

At the end of each week you will need to submit your timesheet.

  1. Log into your Skyward Employee Access.
  2. Select Unsubmitted Timesheets.
  3.  Select the word submit next to the full week you would like to review. The submit request at this point will take you to review, not the final submit.
Screen shot of clinking on the submit
  1. Review all of your time, ensure that all paid hours, and time off hours are correct and are entered on your timesheet. Once all hours are correct you may submit your time for approval. You must submit all your hours weekly vs. on pay day.
Screen shot of active timesheet


Each Friday all hours need to be submitted to be approved by your supervisor.



Time Denied

If your time is denied from your supervisor, you will receive an email notification indicating which week was denied.


Please note if one day is denied the whole week is denied. 


You will need to fix the week before resubmitting in order to be paid.