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Youth Frontiers Retreats

Part of being an International Baccalaureate district (with the spectrum from IB PYP, IB MYP, and then IB DP candidacy), and a Community Schools district, includes a focus on educating the whole child.  This includes character-building and socio-emotional growth.  Included in our charter building program district wide (focused primarily on the IB Learner Profile traits) are three grade-level Youth Frontiers retreats.

In Fifth Grade, students attend the Kindness retreat:

"The Youth Frontiers Kindness Retreat helps build a more caring school community by engaging students in activities that demonstrate the painful effects of bullying and emphasize the value of kindness. Elementary school students experience the positive effect of the kindness boomerang during a high-energy day with classmates. Students learn that, like the golden rule, if they want to catch kindness, they've got to throw the kindness boomerang out there! The retreat also teaches students how to be a hero by treating others with kindness and challenges them to reduce bullying in their school."

In Seventh Grade, students attend the Courage retreat:

"It takes courage for a student to stand up for what's right when his or her peers are going in the opposite direction. In an action-packed day, the Youth Frontiers Courage Retreat empowers middle school students to examine their fears and commit themselves to acting with courage. The Courage Retreat helps build a more inclusive school community by encouraging students to accept people for who they are, resist following the crowd and act with moral courage despite their fears."

In Ninth Grade, students attend the Respect retreat:

"For students to succeed academically and socially, a respectful and caring school community is essential. During the Youth Frontiers Respect Retreat, students from different backgrounds and social cliques work together to learn how to embrace respect as a core value in their lives and school community. At a critical time in these young peoples' development, the Respect Retreat helps build a positive school community by compelling students to respect themselves, respect others, and stand up for the value of respect."