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Transition Academy

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Who? All students, the first two days of school

What? Gain key skills and knowledge to increase connectedness to students and staff members for personal and academic success.

*Career Exploration

*School Expectations

*Graduation Requirements

*Graduation plan

*How to be successful in school (study skills, organizational skills, ext.)


*Healthy Relationships


*International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme

When? First two days of school

Where? BCHS

Why? Increase academic success through building healthy relationships between students and students to staff.

The academies will provide a strong foundation for the successful transition into either our Jr. High or Senior High program. Research states that schools loose most of our students’ connectedness to school in the transition to Jr. High (7th grade) and High School (9th grade) which as a result leads to poor and/or failing grades, increase in behavior concerns, low participation in extra curricular activities, and higher drop out rate. Our Jr. High program for 7th graders will focus on teaching students the following: team work, organization skills, study skills, learn about the activities in and outside of the building, consequences of truancy, introduction to the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme, healthy relationships, conflict resolution, anti-bullying, and familiarizing students with the bell schedule, location of key offices and all assigned classrooms for the current school year.

The Senior High program for all 9th graders will focus on the skills needed to successfully leap from junior to senior high school. The specific areas of focus include the following: graduation requirements, developing a 4 year plan, college readiness, introduction and/or review of the key International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme concepts, learn about the activities in and outside of the building, team work, organizational skills, healthy relationships, consequences of truancy, and community building.

The transition academy will have grade level teachers and building social workers facilitate the activities through each day. We strongly encourage your child’s full participation in the transition academies to boost their potential as a student and community member. It is key that we help our students be more successful this school year during a key phase of their development.