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McKnight Literacy Grant
The McKnight Foundation has chosen five districts (Minneapolis, St Paul, West St Paul, Bloomington and Brooklyn Center) to apply for a grant that would give them up to $150,000 for a planning year (2011-2012) on how to increase the reading levels of all students by grade three-with instruction staring in pre-K. Starting in 2012, if the planning year went well, McKnight would then fund up to 2,000,000 dollars per year for the next two years (2012-2014) to fully implement the approved plan. The intent of the grant would then continue to be funded at the same level (up to 2,000,000) for up to seven additional years.
Promotes Pre-K -12 literacy, with an emphasis on Pre-K through grade 3. Contact our grant coordinator, Randy Koch, for questions.

School Improvement Grant (SIG)
Brooklyn Center High School has been awarded a 1.4 million dollar School Improvement Grant through the Minnesota Department of Education in association with the federal "Race to the Top" program. This grant will provide dollars for on-going job-embedded professional development in differentiated instruction (personalization of instruction), the use of data to guide instruction, and Response to Intervention. Through the initiatives in this grant, BCHS has developed (in partnership with the University of Minnesota Teacher Education Redesign Initiative) a new, rigorous teacher-evaluation rubric and new performance incentives for teachers. Teachers will be observed a minimum of six times per school year (three with a formal evaluator, and three with a coach or peer mentor). A support plan will be in place for any teachers not meeting the new standards and expectations. This grant also provides dollars for the funding of a new parent involvement program ("Parents of Power"), modeled after the successful research-based PIQE (Parents Institute for a Quality Education) program out of California. New staff will be hired with grant dollars, including a Turnaround School Officer (TASO), a Site Administrative Manager (SAM), math and literacy support teachers, and a Media Specialist. Also, through the initiatives of this grant, the school day has been extended by one hour. Our SIG goals are to raise our MCA test scores in reading by 12% per year, and by 10% per year in math.  The grant is slated to expire at the end of the 2012 - 2013 school year.  The contact for this grant is our Turnaround School Officer, Michelle Ford.

Health Resource Center, Park Nicollet and United Way
Provide funding for the Health Resource Center, Portico Health, and Children's Dental services.  The contact for these two grants is Patrice Howard, Community Schools Director.

21st Century Grant
Brooklyn Center high School received a 21st Century Learning Grant from the Minnesota Department of Education. This grant provides after-school programs, summer programs, tutoring, and other programs that help to engage students and school and retain them for graduation. The contact for this grant is Willie Finley, 21st Century Coordinator.

Teacher Eduction Redesign Initiative Grant (TERI)
Partnership with the University of Minnesota that provides training for co-teachers working with U of MN student teachers.  The school contacts for this program are Randy Koch, principal of Earle Brown Elementary, or Lisa Hinsz, TERI Coordinator at Brooklyn Center High School.

SHIP Wellness Grant
Provides Wellness Education and coordination district-wide.  The contact for this grant is Kate Christensen, our wellness coordinator.

Carl Perkins Grant
Provides funding for Career and Technical Education courses at Brooklyn Center High School and Brooklyn Center Academy.  The contact for this grant is Phil Hatchner.

Community Action Partnership, Hennepin County (CAPSH)
Provides funding for the establishment of Family Resource Rooms in each school building to provide community education and support for families in the district.

Sex Ed Grant
Provides funding for pregnancy prevention education at Brooklyn Center High School.  The contact for this grant is Dan Sellberg, Health educator.

This grant provides funding for our staff health service, NeoPath.  

Compensatory Pilot Grant
Provides funding for English Learners.

Outreach to Schools

Education Jobs ARRA Grant

Grants Just Ended:

AVID Program Grant
Brooklyn Center High School received a grant from the Cargill Foundation to implement an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program at our school. This program provides support for students who plan to attend college after graduation. Josh Fraser is our AVID Coordinator.

IB Diploma Programme Grant
Through NWSISD, this grant provides the start-up funding for an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for grades 11 and 12 at Brooklyn Center High School.  Kevin Furst is our Diploma Programme Coordinator.

Media Arts Grant
The contact for this grant is Josh Fraser, Media Arts teacher.

Youth Sports Center Grant
Provides funding for a community sports center to be built adjacent to the tennis courts at Brooklyn Center High School.  Contact Keith Lester, superintendent, for questions.

Baby Space Grant
Provides the funding for the opening of a child care center located adjacent to Brooklyn Center Academy.  The contact for this grant is our Community Education Director, Michele Trelstad.

Secure Our Schools Grant
Provides for security cameras and other equipment to maintain safe school buildings.  The contact for this grant is Dan Krekleberg, our Operations Director.

Magnet Schools of America Grant
The Magnet Schools of America grant provides the funding for Brooklyn Center High School to develop a magnet school program in the arts as well as an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. Through this grant, we have been able to remodel arts classrooms, performance and rehearsal spaces, and gallery spaces throughout the building. This grant provides dollars allocated for textbooks, media center resources, and other curriculum materials necessary for the development of an IB MYP curriculum at our school. Our teachers are also provided with numerous professional development opportunities funded through the grant to enhance teaching practices and align our curriculum with the IB Middle Years Programme. State-of-the-art, industry-standard software and equipment are also paid for with grant funding to provide our students with opportunities and experiences that will carry them through to their futures. For additional information about this grant, contact Jill Pearson (IB MYP Coordinator), Kris Edmonds (Arts Magnet Coordinator), or Michelle Ford (Technology Coordinator).

Ed Tech (ARRA) Grant
The Ed Tech ARRA grant will provide funding for the Student Achievement Through Technology project at Brooklyn Center High School. This project provides technology resources and staff development along three primary strands: multimedia, videoconferencing, and web publishing. As a result of this project, students will be able to demonstrate understanding of the curriculum through the creation of multimedia content, demonstrate complex communication and expert thinking, connect globally with other schools, institutions, and experts around the world, and publish meaningful work online. Students will gain greater access to computers and will have multiple opportunities for videoconferencing. Teachers will be provided with a rich, comprehensive professional development program and multimedia tools (i.e., cameras, video cameras, microphones) to use in their classroom. In addition to on-campus training, conferences, and off-campus workshops, staff will also have access to a new online Staff Development Academy that will include forums, wikis, blogs, and a repository for samples of lessons, assessment tasks, rubrics, and samples of student work. The contact for this grant is Michelle Ford, Technology Coordinator.

E2T2 (Enhancing Education Through Technology)
Brooklyn Center School District has just completed an Enhancing Education Through Technology grant through the Minnesota Department of Education. This grant provided technology training for staff members and purchased additional technology for classrooms grades 6 - 12. The grant has provided many classrooms with Promethean Interactive Whiteboards and sound reinforcement systems. In addition, many classrooms received ActiVotes, hand-held devices that students use in classrooms to provide immediate feedback on how well they are meeting the lesson objectives. The contact for this grant is Michelle Ford, Technology Coordinator.

Drop-Out Prevention Grant
Brooklyn Center High School has just completed a grant through the Minnesota Department of Education to support students identified as at-risk of dropping out of high school. This program provided initiatives in school-community collaboration, safe learning environments, family engagement, literacy development, mentoring / tutoring, service-learning, alternative schooling, after school programs, professional development for staff, and contextualized and active/ individualized learning.

Picturing America Grant
Brooklyn Center High School has been selected by the National Endowment for the Humanities, in cooperation with the American Library Association, for a Picturing America grant. The grant will provide the school with 40 images of American art, an illustrated teacher-resource book and a website containing a bank of teaching resources. The resources will enhance the teaching, studying and understanding of American history and culture by bringing reproductions of some of America’s greatest works of art into BCHS classrooms and the media center. Each school will receive artwork to display throughout the year and then keep for future displays and educational purposes. The contact for this grant is Kris Edmonds, Arts Coordinator. For more information, visit: