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Grants Awarded

During the 2016-2017 school year, the Centaur Foundation awarded 33 grants with $16,072.  Students at Earle Brown Elementary, Brooklyn Center Secondary and Brooklyn Center Academy benefited from these Foundation grants.  These grants helped pay for programs, supplies and activities that enhanced and enriched student learning experiences.  None of these grants would have been possible with out the generous support of Foundation donors.  The following grants were awarded during the past school year:
  1. Back to School Event for families at the Community Corner in need of school supplies.
  2. Subscription to Flocabulary which helped students learn writing terms, concepts and skills.
  3. Ninth Grade Orientation for the Class of 2020 was enhanced by T-shirts promoting student and class unity.
  4. Fan School helped students learn about world issues and events as they related to classroom curriculum.
  5. Festival of Nations field trip which enabled ELD students to learn about different cultures as they viewed displays and met people from a variety of ethnic groups.
  6. Hispanic Flamenco Ballet Latin Dance Show gave students a live dance and music show from countries across the Spanish speaking world.
  7. A guest dance teacher came to BCS for a week to teach a variety of dance skills, techniques and strategies. 
  8. Books were purchased fro Native/Heritage Spanish students who are in mainstream Spanish classes with the purpose being to support and honor their language heritage.
  9. Supplies and materials needed for Jump for Heart program which encouraged students and their families to understand the importance of a healthy heart.
  10. Earth science students learned to predict the weather when a grant was given for a Pro Z Weather Station.
  11. The choir received a grant to purchase a Creative Sightsinging curriculum to be used with all choir students.
  12. Pre-Academic Language books were given to families of pre-school students in need of reading materials.
  13. Reading Rugs were purchased for 4th graders who sit on the floor during math, science and reading sessions.
  14. Spanish class field trip so students could view "Corazou Eterno" at the Mixed Blood Theatre.
  15. French and Spanish students were able to spend a weekend experiencing the Concordia Language Village.
  16. Students traveled to the Mixed Blood Theatre to view a Spanish/English play they had already read in class.
  17. Earle brown social worker was able to attend a National Social Work Conference with the help of the Centaur Foundation.
  18. Kindle for Kids E Reading Center for students, grades 6 to 8, involved in the ELA reading program.
  19. A subscription to History Vault gave the teacher access to hundreds of hours of history documentaries.
  20. Spelling City Website helped students learn their vocabulary, as they reviewed words for unit tests.
  21. Large Study Carpet for use in area where students are doing their math and reading lessons in a large group.
  22. i Movie App which enabled 4th graders to showcase their reading and share the i Movie they created.
  23. Headphone Sets that students were able to use to access a variety of listening devices in all subject areas.
  24. History Day materials, supplies and tri-fold boards for grades 8-11 were provided through a grant.
  25. Students were able to attend History Day Regional Competition because Foundation grant paid for bus.
  26. Students were able to attend Festival of Nations and experience the culturally diverse foods, music, dance, clothing and traditions of other countries.
  27. Second Festival of Nations grant.
  28. Spanish III students read Esperaza.  To assist their reading, a grant was given for Esperaza Teachers Guide.
  29. A Cinco de Mayo competition was created between French and Spanish classes.  Students gained insight into the historic relations between France and Mexico.
  30. The Best of Me Project let 4th grade students highlight their individuality through creative writing pieces which were published as a book.
  31. Supplies and materials needed for Earle Brown Field Days were supplied through a grant.
  32. Flamenco Birch Cajon & Tubano Drums were purchased for the BCS choir.  The drums are used to accompany the choir's music.
  33. An end of the year 7th Grade Celebration was sponsored by a Foundation grant