Medications should be administered at home whenever possible. However, at times it may be necessary for the child to receive medication during school hours. Before health personnel can administer any prescription medication to a student, the parent or guardian must provide the following:
- written order from the Licensed Prescriber
- written parent or guardian permission
- medication in the original labeled container
(For prescription medication, the pharmacist will supply a duplicate labeled
container so that one can be kept at home, if necessary, and one can be
kept at school. Non-prescription medication must also be provided in the
original container. Parents and guardians are encouraged to bring in any
and all medication to school themselves and not to send the medication
with the child.)
*For over-the-counter medication, the school nurse may also request a Licensed Prescriber to authorize at their discretion.
Please see the Authorization for the Administration of Medication/Treatment forms below. Return forms to the School Health Office.
The school district acknowledges that some students may require medication during the school day. The necessary provision for complying with Minnesota Statute 126.202 is included in this policy. The policy applies to drugs or medicine administered during the school day. It does not require school districts to apply the administration of medication rule to drugs or medicine used off school grounds, drugs or medicines used in connection with athletics or extracurricular activities, and drugs and medicines that are used in connection with activities that occur before or after the regular school day.