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Student Immunizations

The school district acknowledges that immunizing children is one of the great success stories in preventing disease and disability. In order to maintain the low incidence of disease, children who attend school must have up-to-date immunizations and be in compliance with MS 121A.15.
Students will not be permitted to enroll or attend school until evidence of immunizations is received. There will be no grace period for kindergarten students or transfer students. Should the immunization law be amended, there will be no grace period for students who need immunizations to meet any expanded requirements of the immunization law. Exceptions may be made as determined by the building principal in consultation with the school nurse. Implementation will adhere to specific vaccine requirements as established by the State of Minnesota.
State law requires that no person over two months old may be allowed to enroll or remain enrolled in any elementary or secondary school or child care facility until the person has submitted a statement. This statement must be provided by a physician, public clinic, parent, guardian or emancipated person and show the person has completed the schedule of immunizations consistent with medically acceptable standards. This statement must include month, day and year of all immunizations administered after Jan. 1, 1990.
Verifications by a physician of exemptions for medically contraindicated reason, laboratory confirmation of the disease, or a notarized exemption due to conscientiously held beliefs should be recorded on an immunization record. 
* Please see the STUDENT IMMUNIZATION FORM below.*