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Benefits and Goals of Volunteering

Benefits of Volunteering for you the volunteer and the schools:
  • satisfaction of helping others
  • positive role model
  • higher student achievement
  • individualized attention for students
  • improved school-community relations
  • enriched curriculum
  • meet new and interesting people
  • partnership showing school is important
  • more involved families and community members
  • diversity
  • develop new skills
Goals of Volunteering:
  • to enrich students' educational experiences through individual or small group assistance
  • promote and strengthen the relationship between families, school and the community
  • provide families and the community opportunities to be a part of young peoples education
  • opportunity to meet other families and community members interested in making a difference
  • promote a positive attitude about education by showing students that others are interested and involved in their education
  • stimulate community interest and involvement in the schools