Are you interested in being a substitute teacher for Brooklyn Center Schools?  We have partnered with Teachers On Call (please note: this is a change from 12-13) to provide substitute teaching staff within our district. If you would like to apply please visit www.teachersoncall.com to complete an application. Click on Apply Online.  

If you have already applied with Teachers On Call at a-neighboring district, you do not need to reapply. Simply call Teachers On Call at 800-713-4439 and advise that you would like to be able to access opportunities in Brooklyn Center Community Schools as well.  All benefits accrue on a continue basis when you work with any district registered with Teachers on Call.

Would you like to substitute teach, but don't have the skills or training? We recommend you take STEDI.org's SubEssentials™ 90-minute Express Introductory Course to learn more about substitute teaching. There is no registration fee for this course and you may register at: STEDI.org/SubEssentials 

When you register, select our state and district to show us this and any other training course you take at STEDI.org.  We look forward to having you in our classrooms!

Are you interested in substitute teaching, but don't have a teaching license?  With a Bachelor's degree you can apply for a two year short call substitute teacher license. For further information regarding this process, please contact Tiffany Wetterlind in the Human Resources Department at twetterlind@brookcntr.k12.mn.us or at 763.450.3386 ext. 1001