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Welcome to the EMBC Webpage!

We hope you will find information beneficial to you. Links below include Education Minnesota, our latest contract, legal responsibilities of teachers, EMBC Constitution, and a teacher code of ethics. The EMBC Executive Board meets the second Wednesday of each month, Earle Brown roundtable meetings occur the first Tuesday of each month followed by individual meeting with Beth Schultz and Principal Frannie Becquer. The BCS Representative , Rhonda Marn holds monthly meetings with Principal Dr. Carly Jarva. President David Schorn is also the Chairperson for Q Comp which holds their monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of the month. Q Comp members includes teachers, School Board members and the Superintendent.

EMBC Executive Board for 2015-16

President – David Schorn, Cell 320-229-8887
Vice President – Ramon Martinez,, 763-561-2120 x 2300
Secretary – Brian Toutge,, 763-561-4480 x 4235
Treasure – Patti Martineau,, 763-561-4480 x 4180
Earle Brown Bldg Rep: Beth Schultz,, 763-561-4480 x 4220
BCS Bldg. Rep – Rhonda Marn,, 763-561-2120 X 2703
Julie Fetch NSSU Field Rep,, 763-561-4480 X4024

Please contact any one of the EMBC board members at any time if you have any questions or concerns.

Education Minnesota Website

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