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Annex Teen Clinic

How can I get connected to the Annex staff member at BCHS?
Ms.  Haley Morgan,
Brooklyn Center Specialist x2106

Annex Teen Clinic 
5810 42nd Avenue North
Robbinsdale,  MN  55422
Main: 763-533-1316 (FOR CLINIC SERVICES ONLY)
Fax: 763-531-0315 

 *Ms. Morgan is an employee of the Annex Teen Clinic not District 286, which is why her office hours vary.  


For Students

What’s the Annex?

  • The Annex Teen Clinic provides low cost, confidential, non-judgmental, sexuality related health care for adolescents and young adults.
  • The Annex Teen Clinic has a staff person at BCHS who provides support and services to students, staff, and families.  
How can I get connected to the Annex staff member at BCHS?
  • Ms. Morgan’s office is located off the guidance office in the commons area.  You can ask for a pass to see her or stop by during passing time, lunch or afterschool.  Ms. Morgan will post her hours on her office door. 
What can I talk about with Ms. Morgan?
  • Did you know that?
    • you can speak with Ms. Morgan and your information is not shared with others
    • you can get support on how to speak with your parent/guardian about sexual health issues
    • the Annex Teen Clinic provides confidential services  (Information about you and your visit at the clinic is kept private and is not shared with others.  We can only share information about you with people outside of the clinic with your permission. We take this issue very seriously)
  • *If you shared that you are in immediate danger, and it was necessary to involve others to prevent harm, we would discuss this issue with you before sharing any information.

Ask an educator™: 1-on-1 walk-in service at BCHS

Do you have questions like…
  • Can a girl get pregnant if…
  • Is it normal if…
  • Stop by and speak with Ms. Morgan the Brooklyn Center Specialist to get information (medically accurate, developmentally appropriate information), assistance with scheduling an appointment, resources on sexual health issues i.e.,
Waiting (abstinence), pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, HIV and AIDS, relationships, dating, violence.
  • To find out more check out www.annexteenclinic.org
  • If you would like to make an appointment to be tested or treated for an STD/STI or you have questions about testing or treatment, call the clinic at 763-533-1316.

For Parents

The Annex Teen Clinic provides several parent/child educational programs around sexual health and puberty, including: Celebration of Change, Beyond the Celebration, and Celebration of Change for African American Females. 
  • Resources for Parents - Communicating about Sexual Health
  • To find out more please visit www.annexteenclinic.org

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